Physio In The Six is a new facility for physiotherapy, rehabilitation and injury management. Located in south Etobicoke, Physio In The Six is committed to the highest level of one-on-one, patient-centred therapy. Through skilled expertise and a friendly environment, be sure to feel welcomed, secure and on the right road to recovery. We know there are many physiotherapy clinics for you to choose from, which can be overwhelming. At Physio In The Six, our mission is to give you and your wellbeing our undivided attention. Your wellness matters to us.

What makes Physio In The Six the clinic for you?

We offer a refreshing approach to whole-patient care by encouraging our clients to be active participants in their rehabilitation. We assist by educating, restoring and maintaining your physical well-being and thereby promoting a healthier lifestyle. We ensure your expectations are met from the moment you book your first appointment up until your last treatment.

What you can expect from Physio In The Six:


Hands-on treatment is a strong evidence based practice. We believe that there is a healing power to touch. These two combined will harness health-maximizing effects to decrease stress, alleviate pain and restore health to your body and mind.


Exercises are vital to your rehabilitation and we are well equipped to design the right exercises for you! Each exercise program is geared to your specific and unique needs to promote optimal recovery. We understand that exercises can be monotonous, so we find creative and safe ways to keep you motivated and compliant to achieve your rehabilitation goals.


We value education and believe it is a crucial to developing trust, increase understanding and improving compliance. We are here to educate you on your condition, so that YOU can understand what is going on in YOUR body. No question is a stupid question! We encourage you to be an active participant in your journey to recovery.


We value your time. Our goal is to get you back to normal as quickly as possible with a personalized program that suits your needs and fits your schedule.


From our experience, clinics often focus on treating symptoms rather than the cause of an injury. In some cases, the root cause of the injury may not be where the pain is being manifested in the body. We look outside of the box to determine the root cause of your injury. This approach will not only get you better faster BUT ensure long-term results.

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